Rick Kahn & Associates, Inc.

Rick Kahn & Associates, Inc. helps our IT Services and Healthcare IT clients plan, develop, and execute sales strategies and tactics that help our clients generate NEW revenues and meet their new account objectives.

Serving as a senior leader with Compaq/DEC, Oracle and KPMG, Rick founded the company in 2000. With over 25 years of proven success in sales, business development & consulting, it was not hard for him to attract a team of comparably experienced and talented executives to join the firm.

Our team’s core sales competencies, talents, and focus around “new order hunting” help our clients to:

  • Obtain a “first order” from a F500 player or from a key industry leader
  • Confidently break into a new industry vertical or a targeted market segment
  • Support your sales team in getting that “One Order” that may be strategically critical in impacting market share or marketplace positioning
  • Help your team become more competent, confident, and efficient in “hunting” for and closing new business opportunities.